From Google to “Marca Peru”: when video-marketing creates emotions

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Two examples of how big brands rely on storytelling to find a way into their online community’s hearts.

peru - google chrome

Storytelling, engagement, virality. The path to be followed is always that. How many times do we have to say that a good video-marketing campaign needs to focus on the narrative in order to be effective? And even in these cases, that rule applies. The two spots I’ve chosen belong to brands that are very distant from each other, both geographically and from a business point of view, but they both can move people’s emotions through a story. 


Google “Dear Sophie”:

Google decided to bet on the emotional factor in order to promote the browser Chrome and its related services. It wasn’t an easy challenge, how can you touch people talking about a browser? How can you create empathy when advertising a software? The answer is easy: by telling a story. A small story that could belong to any of us. In fact, the Mountain View giant, despite the enormous amount of resources in its hands, knows very well that spectacularization not always goes hand in hand with emotionality. The (not so) secret is in the ideas, in a functional narration capable of moving feelings and making everyone watching feel like a possible main character of that same story. And the result is the Dear Sophie spot in which a father tells his daughter about her growing up, using all the tools available on Chrome. A small masterpiece,check it out:

Marca Perù “Recordaràs Peru”:

The second video was made by Marca Peru, institutional authority for touristic and cultural promotion of the Andean country and it struck me for its originality and the non-conventional way of “telling” a place. Moreover “we are not used to seek a reference model in the Southern seas” – as said by the Italian writer Federico Rampini in his book Alla mia sinistra – while I think that in the future we should look up to South America with more and more interest. The distinguishing feature of this spot can be better understood if compared with a traditional touristic promotion spot, like, for instance, the one realized by Australia in 2013. Wonderful shots and breath taking places, combined with a striking background music. But nothing more than that. Marca Peru, instead, decides to use a different approach and aim, once again, at the storytelling. What is shown to us is not just Peru, but rather a story about Peru narrated through the eyes of someone who actually had a very intense experience in that country by traveling, living, exploring. And the listener is the protagonist of the story himself, 20 years in the future, who seems to have forgotten the meaning of passion, of the joy that a journey – a metaphor of life itself – can leave in your soul. Both spots (the Australian and the Peruvian ones) aim at emotionality but the winning move of the video made by Marca Peru is in the capability of creating emotions by building a really original story which becomes narrative. Ideas, as I said before, always win. That said, all we can do is enjoy this video too.

We can finish with our best compliments to Marca Peru and Google, who taught us, if it was still needed, how video-marketing is done and how much important is to rely on storytelling and emotionality in order to create engagement. And the results achieved by the two videos in terms of virality are the demonstration of this. Just on the official Youtube accounts, Google’s campaign reached almost 10 million views and Marca Peru’s campaign over a million and a half.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Mirko Lalli who first brought these videos to my attention.



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